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Version: 1.6.9     Update time:08/12/2016
Get alerts from anywhere
When an alarm rings, as long as your mobile phone is online, it will shake up and pop up a warning window. Even if your phone is not online, the server will keep the latest alert and sent to you as soon as you get online.
Have a real-time view soon
If your device contain a camera, you will also receive five pictures. Click to view the whole picture. You can also drag the image to zoom in or out. This lets you determine whether the alert it is a false alarm or not, and act accordingly.
Simple and intuitive operation
The Vigek smoke alarm configuration is simple and fast: Put your device into config mode, select your Wi-Fi network, press Start button and wait for 10-20 seconds for automatically complete the configuration.
Share device easily
You can share your device to others easily that just let him scan a qr-code. Then you don't have to worry about missing an alarm. You and your family can work together to maintain the family's safety.