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Vigek IOT Core is a cheap, small, modular, expandable and phone controlled IOT development platform. It’s carefully designed to provide all the features you need to build a quick project. It not only takes the wireless freedom of WiFi, but also is integrated with Camera.
It works stand alone, just apply power, you are ready to make lots of cool things. You can use it to build a multifunction, multisensory, cloud- connected “Thing” to enhance your personal security, smart home, entertainment, and much more …
Cheap, small(36x37.5mm), and breadboard friendly.
Camera included, super easy to take photos and send to your phone.
Phone controlled, support mobile APP remote control.
SmartConfig, just one step to connect a Vigek Core-enabled device to WiFi hotspot.
SDK available, no need programming from the very beginning.
Low power consumption (32mA with WiFi active, Camera in standby mode).
Lots of GPIOs, interfaces and peripherals.
Expandable, super easy to add support for new modules.
Who need it?

Vigek IOT Core's plug and play feature makes it can be flexibly applied to various projects for every electronics lover. Any extensions is feasible on the basis of PCBA board, APP SDK, Firmware API and Open Server.

But most importantly, it's specially designed for product managers. As it can greatly shorten the development cycle,it's very convenient to verify product prototype. Beside, the low-cost core board is very suitable for mass production.

The smart Vigek IoT Core opens up endless possibilities. You can make lots of cool IOT thigs with unprecedented convenience and ease.
Smart light bulbs
You can build a Smart Light by connecting some colorful LEDs and use our APP’s customized Lighting function to change the color and brightness.
Monitoring system
Connect a camera module to build a monitoring system; Send an instruction of taking pictures and then receive the photos by your phone.
PWM Controller
Simply use APP to control the GPIOs Of the device to generate the suited PWM waveform.
Smart Switch
Connect the relay to the IO port, set opening and closing times by your APP. You can timing control your home appliances anytime and anywhere.
Product Specifications

· Size ---------------------36mm x 37.5mm
· MCU --------------------- Cortex-M3 @ 72MHz
· Wireless ---------------- WiFi 802.11b/g/n 54Mbps
· Camera ----------------- 200W pixels(Maximum 640x480)
· Power ------------------- 3.3V ~ 24V
· IO output current ------ 0~8mA
· IO voltage tolerance --- 0~3.6V
· Power Consumption ----32mA in active mode (WIFI on,Camera stand by)
· GPIO ---------------------- Up to 8 (up to 4 analog input channels, and up to 6 pwm output channels)
The software technology framework includes intelligent hardware, servers and Android APP. Its function is to achieve intelligent hardware devices fast network connection, and real-time data transmission and control between user APP and hardware devices.
Vigek Core comes with applications for Android smart phones/tablets in order to use Vigek Core for advanced features.
Eg, WiFi SmartConfig, functional parameter settings of smart hardware, MQTT push and subscription services.
We have put every effort to make the Application intuitive and easy to use. Here are some images of the App.