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Vigek Smart WiFi Visual Doorbell: Remote Video , Motion Detecting , door open alarm , active monitoring , time monitoring , wechat connection, cloud storage, indoor view , wide-angle lens, infrared night vision , 5 months of work, standby for one year.
WiFi connected, Real-time Video on Phone
·Visitors press the doorbell
·Human body passes or stays
·Open the security door
·The doorbell timing monitoring
·Phone active connection monitoring
Motion Detection
A alarm internal can be set up and detected only within the time period required.
The motion detect time can be set up to detect the situation of concern only.
Alarming while human body passing by
Alarming while human body staying over 3s(recommend)
Alarming while human body staying over 6s.Needing to pay attention.
Alarming while human body staying over 9s.It's suspicious.
Door open alarm
With the intelligent gate magnetic function,
as soon as the door is opened,you will get the alarm.
The elderly and children 's enter and exit are all unser your control.
Active monitoring
No matter when and where you are,you can connect the doorbell to monitor your home by your phone.
Attention: This function is high power consumption.
Timing monitoring
When it's setting time, your doorbell will send the video to your phone automatically.
WeChat Notification Push           
Alarm events and images,
Push to both WeChat and Vigek APP,
Use whichever you like!
Cloud storage
After opening the cloud storage,all the video will be saved
you can playback at any time.
Indoor display receiver
An idle mobile phone can be used as indoor display receiver, you can playback at any time.
Normally, it is an electronic photo frame, which can automatically play the gallery.
When a guest visits, it automatically displays the outdoor video with the ringtone,convenient for the elderly and children
doorbell receiver
Home users can also use the ordinary doorbell receiver,
Vigek Smart WiFi Doorbell supports the popular doorbell receiver brand on the market--
Device Share
WeChat sharing, no limit on the number of users
APP sharing, without limiting the number of users,
the video supports 4-way transmission at the same time.
Other shared users will receive images
Working mode

Doorbell Mode:
Just worked as a normal doorbell, It can work 3000~5000 times.

Wechat Mode:
Worked as a doorbell and send pictures to wechat.It's low power consumption

APP Mode:
Worked as a doorbell, send pictures and videos to both wechat and APP, it can work 700 times.
Wide-angle lens
122 degree wide angle view, camera parameters can be set
Infrared Night Vision
Automatic infrared night vision function, adjustable auto-on option:
·Close night vision   · Dark environment   · Low light environment
Standby Time
Standby for one year
1600mah battery,
170ua standby current,
while the monitor mode is not turned on.

(Energy saving, long-lasting work, more durable battery)
Working time
Work for five months
If it works 5 times a day, it can work 700 times.
Each time, the first 10 seconds of ringing time to transfer images,
the last 20 seconds to transmit video
Video Resolution
Video Storage
Video Frame Rate
Stanby Time
Working Time
Power Supply
VGA(640*480) / QVGA(320*240)
Local Storage of Mobile Phone / Cloud Storage
10fps(Dynamic adjust according to mobile phone's network)
300 thousand pixels, 120 degree lens angle, Infrared night vision
WIFI 2.4G 802.11b/g/n
433M, More than 100 meters outdoor
A year(theoretically, 1600mah,standby current(120-180ua)
700 times(Actually, Not open the monitor mode)
Two 3.7V Rechargeable lithium battery